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April 30, 2011

We are the difference Christ makes

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Second Sunday of Easter – May 1, 2011 – St. John’s

Imagine that a sociologist, say from the University of Mars, were to arrive in the United States to do a study of American society. Imagine that he were to stumble upon this gathering of Americans in this building on this morning. He would come in and wonder why these people are here on this beautiful day and not somewhere else, perhaps out on a golf course or digging in a garden. Why are these people spending this hour doing whatever they are doing here? Imagine also that the sociological study was long-range, longitudinal, as it is called, and that it was part of a study initiated 2000 years ago and carried out regularly ever since. (more…)

April 24, 2011

This is the day…

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Easter Sunday – April 24, 2011 – St. John’s, Goshen

Our responsorial Psalm today, Psalm 118, has been an Easter song from the earliest days of Christianity. It was cited by St. Peter in one of his earliest proclamations of Christ’s resurrection, and it provided the central metaphor in what may have been an early Easter homily, which we know as the First Epistle of St. Peter. The very first Christians searched the Hebrew Scriptures for prophecies, for anticipations of the dramatic events of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, and this Psalm was one of those that enabled them to make sense of those events. (more…)

Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday – April 17, 2011 – St. John’s

We are brought, during this week we call “holy,” back to the originating events of Christianity, to what was most distinctive about it as it began, to what still constitutes the heart of what it affirms about God’s dealings with us human beings. One scholar, James D.G. Dunn, has written recently, “‘God raised him from the dead’ is probably the earliest distinctively Christian affirmation and confession. It is presupposed again and again in the earliest Christian writings.” “As a historical statement we can say quite firmly: no Christianity without the resurrection of Jesus. As Jesus is the single great ‘presupposition’ of Christianity, so also is the resurrection of Jesus. To stop short of the resurrection would have been to stop short” (Jesus Remembered, 826). (more…)

April 10, 2011

Dem bones already connecting

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Fifth Sunday in Lent – April 10, 2011 – St. John’s

The theme of resurrection lights from within each of the readings we have just heard. It is almost as if the Church cannot wait for Easter, that in our hearts we are already celebrating Christ’s resurrection and our own.

The three verses we have heard from the prophet Ezekiel need to be read in context. They serve as a kind of commentary on the great vision the prophet has had of the valley of dry bones. (more…)

April 3, 2011

Light in the Lord

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Fourth Sunday of Lent – April 3, 2011 – St. John’s, Goshen

In the early centuries initiation into the Church by baptism was called “illumination,” an enlightening. The symbolism marked the sharp division, stark contrast, that baptism represented between the kind of life one lived before being converted and baptized and the new life one was now able to take up in the power of the Holy Spirit. “You were once darkness,” St. Paul tells the Ephesians today, “but now you are light in the Lord. Live, then, as children of the light. Avoid the kind of acts that people do in the dark, unseen.”

The symbolism is a natural one and, it seems, nearly universal in literature, both sacred and secular. (more…)

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