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June 20, 2020

Epistemology of Reception

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This is the talk I gave at the third Salamanca Conference held in 1996.  I re-read it recently and found that it sets out, in what I confess is a very dense argument, themes that have occupied me ever since I started work in ecclesiology in the late 1960s.  In fact, the central thesis was supposed to be the subject of a major book, something that I fear is never going to be written. One way of putting it is that if God wills that there be a Church, he wills that certain events take place in the subjectivity and inter-subjective relationships of human beings. Here I draw upon Bernard Lonergan’s theorem of divine transcendence and extrinsic denomination to make the point.

Comments very welcome!

JAK Epistemology of Reception


  1. Hello Father,

    My name is John, and I am a doctoral student in theology. I recently came across your blog when reading something on the original schemas of Vatican II. I read in the comments that you were going to publish with Orbis; I am wondering if that book (containing the original schemas) was ever published? We used your work when I was in graduate school at Boston College. Feel free to email me at monacojb@bc.edu. I hope to be in touch regardless. Thank you!

    Comment by John Monaco — September 4, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    • John: I’m afraid that I let myself be distracted by other commitments and projects, and only now am I getting back to preparing my translations of the preparatory schemata for publication by Orbis. I hope to send them, with new introductions, to Orbis in a few months.

      Thanks for the interest.

      Comment by komonchak — September 6, 2020 @ 11:43 am

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