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March 30, 2021

Homily for Bernard Lonergan’s 70th Birthday

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I do not remember how it happened that I was asked to preach at the Mass celebrating the seventieth birthday of Fr. Bernard Lonergan, S. J. It was held at Regis College, Toronto, on January 4, 1975, and there were all manner of Jesuits and of other students of Fr. Lonergan more worthy to take on the task, first among them, perhaps, Fr. Frederick Crowe, S. J., faithful companion and disciple. I am somewhat ashamed to say that I have no memory of how I was invited, and I don’t believe I have any correspondence about it. Obviously, Fr. Lonergan must have either thought of me or agreed to the suggestion of me, for which I am now grateful and awed because in 1975 I was barely started on a theological career and still teaching at Dunwoodie. In any case, here is the homily I gave:



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