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June 27, 2014

The Silencing of John Courtney Murray

Here is an essay, the fruit of a lot of research, that explains how it was that John Courtney Murray found his views, at least the views attributed to him, condemned as “erroneous” by the Holy Office and was then advised by his Jesuit superiors to pursue other areas of inquiry. “I suppose you may write poetry,” one of them wrote to Murray. Ten years after his silencing, of course, Murray was one of the major architects of Vatican II’s Declaration on Religious Freedom.

JAK Silencing of JC Murray


August 5, 2013

Identity and Mission in Catholic Universities

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Here is the inaugural lecture which I delivered in 1996 upon assuming the Hubbard Chair in Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America.

Hubbard Lecture

January 6, 2013

J.C. Murray on “The Crisis in Church-State Relations in the U.S.”

In 1950, Msgr. Montini, number 2 man in the Vatican Department of State, asked John Courtney Murray to write a memorandum on Church-State relations in the United States, the subject of considerable controversy not only between Catholics and others but also among American Catholics. I discovered a copy of this memorandum in the papers of Clare Boothe Luce in the Library of Congress and another in the papers of Card. Stritch of Chicago. I published the text, with an introduction in The Review of Politics. Here it is.

August 27, 2011

Religious freedom and the confessional state

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Here is an essay written, by commission, for the centenary of the Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique.

JAK Religious freedom & confessional state

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