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September 27, 2013

Even if someone rises from the dead…

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26th Sunday of the Year — September 26, 1971 — CNR

Somewhere around the year 750 B.C., worshippers had gathered at the Israelite shrine at Bethel for one of their religious feasts. They could come with a certain sense of ease, confident that the professional prophets at the shrine would give them little reason to question their impatience to have the feast over so they could return to their businesses, untroubled by doubt, secure in the fittingness of their wealth. Perhaps it was not until he began to speak, that they noticed a rather strange figure, a man from the rural south, a cattleman or farmer. Probably they would not have been surprised at what he began to say, for in a series of six short judgments he predicts doom on Israel’s neighbors and enemies. But then, the sharper among them may have noted that these nations are condemned, not for their idolatry or pagan vice, but rather “for inhuman cruelty, for enslaving and obliterating a people, for the denial of compassion and the claims of brotherhood, for the subordination of human life to material gain, and for impiety and the profanation of human dignity” (Vawter, Conscience of Israel, p. 81).

All of them, however, waited to hear which nation would be mentioned in the seventh, the most important place. And all of them must have been surprised to hear him begin: (more…)

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