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April 24, 2015

Congar: Diversity and Divisions

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In 1961, a year before Vatican II opened, Fr. Yves Congar gave a lecture on diversity and divisions within the Church that is still worth reading and pondering. Here is my translation of it:  Congar Diversity and Divisions


October 5, 2013

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The scripture readings today have in common the theme of faith. Both meanings of that word are presented for our reflection. To prepare for the Gospel words about faith the size of a mustard seed, the OT reading from the prophet Habakkuk was chosen because of the last line: “The just man shall live because of his faith.” This, of course, is the statement that in the Epistle to the Romans St. Paul cited as proof of his fundamental doctrine that we are justified, not by our own works, but by faith in the free mercy of God in Jesus Christ. In all of these texts the emphasis falls on the subjective meaning of the word “faith”: the act of believing. “Increase our faith,” the apostles ask the Lord.

It is the objective meaning of faith that is the focus of Paul’s charge to Timothy in the second reading: (more…)

September 12, 2013

Mother Church

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Here is a copy of an essay that Fr. Yves Congar wrote on the ancient theme of the Church as Mother:   Congar Mother Church

The longer version, in French, of the article can be found at: Yves Congar, “Au lecteur,” in Karl Delahaye, Ecclesia mater chez les Pères des trois premiers siècles: Pour un renouvellement de la Pastorale d’aujourd’hui (Unam Sanctam 46; Paris: du Cerf, 1964) pp. 7-32.  This preface to the French translation of the work is dated 3 September 1963. Reading it, one feels that after the drama of the first session of the Second Vatican Council, Congar was expressing a feeling of liberation, and of vindication.

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